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How the Program Magic Happens: Recruiting and Scaling your Program Facilitators

Though the role of a program facilitator will vary by industry or organization type, most facilitators are responsible for maintaining the quality of the organization’s programs and overseeing the budget and staff for program projects.

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Three Ways to Expand Your Nonprofit Program

From fellowship to volunteer programs is a logical next step for many nonprofits this year to focus on expansion and growth. Read more on three models to expand your program here.

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Top 8 Timesaving Tips For Keeping Your Program’s Alumni List Up To Date

If you do not enjoy the process of having to manage and scrub alumni newsletter lists, rest assured: you are in good company. Fortunately for you, there are ways to ensure we keep the database management process as painless as

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5 Virtual Workshop Ideas That Your Nonprofit’s Students Will Love

Take a look at 5 ideas for workshops that will speak your student’s language, and take them from zoomed out to leaning in using an all-in-one platform.

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Tips on scaling youth-focused nonprofit programs effectively

Scaling youth-focused programs takes planning, resources and the right strategy in place. We're diving into how to scale here.

Why Implement Virtual Training Opportunities for your Volunteers this Year

There are many benefits to implementing a virtual training model at your nonprofit, including cost, timeliness, and productivity.

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Post-Pandemic Program Management: The Digital Shift

Post-pandemic program management is increasing the need for digitalization. Read how it impacts nonprofits here!

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Digital Transformation: 4 Ways to Scale your Accelerator Program

WeThrive is an all-in-one, program management platform that seamlessly integrates all of your core tools into one software.

Five Ways To Grow Nonprofit Organizations

Looking to grow your nonprofit? Here are five ways to help you take your social impact organization to the next level.

Using Theory of Change to Positively Impact your Programs

A program theory of change is a roadmap that you and your team can use to build programs that will help your nonprofit’s reach your goals.